My Teddy Bear projects

This wild silk fabric is derived from the cocoon of the Mopani worm which feeds on the Mopani tree found in the eastern and northern Transvaal, Botswana and Zimbabwe. The cocoons which are harvested in the wild, yield un reelable short filaments of silk due to the damage caused during the moths emergence. This silk is then converted into spun yarn and the end product results in this gorgeous and unusual textile.

I am indeed priviledged to have had some of the first harvested cocoons discovered in Botswana, some time ago, woven into this unique fabric specially for me.It has a stunningly fine pile and when teds are brushed have an almost ethereal look. This Mopani silk fabric metreage I kept to launch a limited range of unique bears, some Nostalgic, others Just Bears. This will happen now in my retirement from many years of Bear designing, teaching and retailing bear making supplies.

In creating a new Bear design, a thought process springs into action which usually leads to choices. What size, shape, and what era, traditional or contemporary, and most important, fabric.

This design was inspired by a photograph taken in Canada. The Bear carved out of huge tree trunk, has such attitude. The tourist looks up in awe.

Excitedly I knew this Bear had to be captured into a “Fluffy Bear” and so Zacharie was created from dense curly tipped Schulte-Steiff mohair and will shortly be available for adoption.